The New Cosmology

Black holes, Big Bang, dark matter and dark energy are relics of an out-dated, naive cosmology.

Up to now cosmology was based on the purely philosophical ideas of the Belgian priest George Lemaitre and the Indian-born Brahmin Chandrasekhar Subrahmanyan. Lemaitre’s Big Bang approach and Chandrasekhar´s singularity hypothesis, according to which a massive collapsing star ends in a dimensionless point, are definitely wrong.

The following videos explain the principles of the new empirically verified cosmology.

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Einstein was right!
Our Universe does not expand.

Already 100 years ago Einstein was firmly convinced that our universe does not expand but instead has a clearly defined fixed extent. Hence, dark energy cannot exist.

NASA gives us the exceptional opportunity to determine the clearly defined extent of our universe by means of the Pioneer anomaly of the NASA probes Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11 (Nobel Prize for NASA!). The numerical value of the Pioneer anomaly is nothing more than the numerical value of the gravitational potential of our universe gU. By means of the equation we are able to determine the extent of the universe. However, this fact is concealed by Big Bang theory which definitely defies the laws of physics. An explanation is to be found in this video.

„Black spheres“   are the solution of Hawking´s paradox and spell the end of Hawking radiation and so-called wormholes

Black holes do not exist in our universe but „black spheres“ actually do. They signify the end of Hawking radiation.

This video explains the principle of „black spheres“. Black spheres define a lack of space, time and mass within the space-time structure of our universe. As long as 1916 the German physicist Karl Schwarzschild described the principle of black spheres on the basis of Einstein´s theory of relativity, according to which the mass of a massive collapsed star is not located in the centre of a black hole but around a black sphere. Black spheres are the solution of Hawking´s paradox. They signify the end of Hawking radiation and the demise of the present „wormhole science-fiction cosmology“.

Dark matter is a myth

As well as the theory of dark energy the so-called theory of dark matter is a mystical fairy tail.

This video thoroughly explains how the incorrect theory of dark matter came to be and gives an insight into the laws of the rotational dynamics of spiral galaxies. The orbital dynamics of planets, orbiting a single star which makes up about 99.9 percent of the total mass of the planetary system, were naively compared with the complex rotational dynamics of spiral galaxies, consisting of billions of gravitationally interacting stars forming a complex rotating system. This led to the absurd idea of dark matter.

Another cosmic background radiation to be found with LOFAR (Low Frequency Array) at about 37.5 MHz?

Read here:

A second cosmic background radiation! (PDF)

Astronomy as a socio-cultural basis for establishing and consolidating systems of rule and the installation of a World Alien Religion by the Jesuits (engl. subtitle)

Christoph Poth in conversation with Michael Vogt at Querdenken TV.

Vatican plans New (Alien) World Religion

Chris Putnam and Thomas Horn reveal a conspiracy planned by the Vatican. (German translation)

Various manifestations of "black spheres"

Toroidal black sphere. This collapsed type of star represents a black sphere where the Schwarzschild radius coincides with the balanced forces radius (balance between the gravitational force of the collapsed mass of the star and the centrifugal force of this extremly fast rotating star). Within this toroidal black sphere neither space nor time nor mass exist.

This kind of black sphere represents an intermediate form between a globular black sphere and a toroidal black sphere.

"Cosmic Horseshoe" photographed by the Hubble space telescope.The cosmic horseshoe represents a flattened black sphere as depicted above. As one can easily see, this black sphere deviates from a perfect globular shape (yellow circle) due to its extremly fast rotation. The mass of the collapsed star is represented by the red oval. "Within" this red oval neither space nor time nor mass exist.

Example of a "hidden black sphere". This kind of black sphere can certainly be assumed within pulsars and magnetars. The black sphere is actually located within the extremly fast rotating collapsed star.

This equation defines the extent of the universe DU (maximum possible distance between two point within the universe) by means of the speed of light c and the gravitational potential of the universe gU . The numerical value of the gravitational potential of the universe corresponds to the value of the Pioneer anomaly.

The total mass of the universe MU is determinable by means of the above equation with help of the Pioneer anomaly gU , the speed of light c and the gravitational constant G.

Using this equation it is possible to determine the distance D of far off galaxies on the basis of the gravitational potential and the gravitational red shift value z (max. z-value about 3999). This equation replaces the incorrect Hubble equation.

This equation defines the mean density of the universe ρU , based on the gravitational potential of the universe and the gravitational constant G.

The volume of the universe VU is determinable by means of the gravitational potential of the universe gU (which is equivalent to the value of the Pioneer anomaly 8,7 ±1,3 ·10−10 m/s² ).

This is the profound equation which reveals the equivalence between mass MU and space VU of the universe. Mass and volume of the universe are interdependent and in no way variable. They depend on each other according to this equation. The mass of the universe defines the volume of the universe and vice versa. NO BIG BANG! NO EXPANDING UNIVERSE!

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„Well educated men will inspect what I am doing declaring it futile. However, the words coming from them are like passing flatus. Idiots!“

Leonardo da Vinci

„Do you not see what damage has been done to science through this: i.e. pedants wishing to be philosophers; to treat of natural things, and mix themselves with and decide about things divine.“

„Nothing is so good that impious and sacrilegious and wicked people cannot contort its proper benefit into evil.“

„We see that pedantry has never been held in such esteem for the government of the world as in our times, and it offers as many paths of the true intelligible species and objects of infallible and sole truth as there are individual pedants.“

Goirdano Bruno 1548 - 1600